Heritage Housing Projects was formed in 2011 as Heritage Housing Trust. It then got rebranded to Heritage Housing Projects in 2018. Our main goal  is to help bridge the gap in the housing backlog in Zimbabwe. We believe that in order to fight poverty, the provision of housing is key.

We provide high quality, cost-effective contracting services for a wide range of projects. Our contracting services include but are not limited to complete site development for commercial, industrial and residential projects, road construction including excavation, grading, bridges and drainage as well as environmental reclamations. Heritage Housing Projects plays a vital role in environmental reclamation as well as restoring mined properties to their original or even improved condition, helping to preserve our country’s resources. We perform highly skilled excavation, grading and utility work for residential construction, from large housing developments to road and dam construction. To complement our residential site development services, we also provide a full range of recreational construction like sport fields. We also manufacture a wide variety of glitter stones and tile adhesive. Our large equipment fleet is safely and effectively operated by our experienced personnel. Heritage Housing Projects has a dedicated team of staff with a wide range of experience and collectively draws on more than 20 years of experience.

To be the leading provider of comprehensive real estate and construction solutions delivering unparalleled value to our clients and communities.

We are committed to delivering high quality, sustainable and innovative projects that enhance the building environment, reliability, safety and quality of life for individuals and communities in the region and beyond.

To be recognized as the leading company in the market and to maintain standards of excellence in everything we do which will distinguish us from our competitors whilst delivering a strong and consistent performance.

As a team and as individuals, we commit ourselves to effectively and efficiently provide high standards of service and relationships by upholding, maintaining and being accountable for:


Value 1: Integrity

Value 2: Results Driven

Value 3: Customer Focus

Value 4: Excellence and Quality

Value 5: Innovation and Delivery

Value 6: Continuous Improvement