Gweru is a city in central Zimbabwe. Near the geographical centre of the country. It is on the centre of Midlands Province

.Raylands Estate is residential community located seven kilometers from the Gweru Central Business District, along the Lower Gweru Road. It consists of high and medium density stands which sit quietly from the hassle and bustle of the Gweru City. Raylands Estate is developed on a 56 hectare piece of land and it has three phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2, which are already build and occupied by our amazing residents. These fully completed projects have roads, water and sewer reticulation. Phase 3 is upcoming and to be ready to be built on soon after servicing. Phase 3 has ready to build stands available for sale. Below are the prices:

·         Cash Price – $4 500 (USD)

·         Kindly contact us for a credit price. We have an amazing deal for you.


  • 90% Completion.
  • Roads 95% Completion.
  • Water Reticulation 98% Completion.
  • Sewer Reticulation 70% Completion.
  • Some sections need to be repaired.
  • Few manholes need to be installed.
  • Some sections have not yet been done.

The project is not 100% completed because we have a part of the land that we are still servicing for ready to build next year.


Our residential stands in Daylesford are fully purchased. We are waiting for compliance so as to start building.


  • 80% Completion.
  • Roads 99% Completion.
  • Water Reticulation 99% Completion.
  • Water needs to be connected to main waterline.
  • Sewer Reticulation 60% Completion.
  • Sewer needs to be connected to main sewer line.

The project is not 100% completed because there is a 3km distance line to the main sure line, so we are in the process of installing the sewer to the main sewer line.