Our glitterstone slates are a form of quartzite mined in the Zambezi Valley, very strong with minimal maintenance.
They occur in varying colours of grey, green, pink depending on overlaying rocks. It has a glittering surface
appearance, especially when hit by the sun’s rays. It is with great passion that we dive into the uniqueness of
nature. Every day we realize what a gift it is what nature presents to us in its uniqueness.

The Heritage Natural Stone Division specializes in all forms of natural materials in tile and paver from glitter stones,
granite, slate, mable amongst others. Since our establishment in 2018, the company has enjoyed continuous
growth, having endured the economic depressions and erratic conditions in the domestic environment. Heritage’s
main objective is to supply large export contracts to neighboring countries. Our corporate products are always
supported by a team of specialized technicians who give on-site assistance. The company is always searching for
the latest trends and developments in the tile and paver décor industry. It prides itself on the latest tile/paver
made on locally produced natural stone.

Whether you are in the planning stages of a commercial or residential landscape design or building project, your
paving selection will have a profound bearing on the overall look and feel of your design – making it crucial to
select the paving supplies that best suit your project. With a diverse selection of colours, styles and sizes,
Heritage’s range of superior natural glitter stone pavers and tiles offer endless possibilities in flooring design. We
also offer high degree of customization with most of paving material, allowing us to meet the requirements of
almost any project.
Our extensive range of natural glitter stone should be considered for any indoor or outdoor surfaces, from
driveways and gardens to bathrooms and pool areas, while for high traffic areas, our hard-wearing and durable
paving supplies are an ideal choice. Our range of paver products feature stones that have been formed and
hardened over millions of years, resulting in extremely dense and hard-wearing stones. This characteristic enables
our pavers to be utilized in the most vigorous of applications.